Divorce Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

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A divorce doesn't have to be messy or melodramatic. You and your spouse may have married with the best of intentions. But it didn't work out, and the decision to permanently separate can be instigated by either one of you, or it might even be a mutual decision. So what happens next? Moving Out Generally one of you will move out. There might be a lease on a rental property, shared bank accounts might end up with each of you establishing your own account, and other joint accounts (such as utilities) might be transferred into the name of whoever remains at your previously shared home.

20 May 2020

Three Little Known Areas Of Law That A Family Lawyers Can Help You With

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Family lawyers are well known for their primary focus on divorce and the surrounding legal areas, but that is not all that they cover. There are many dozens of different specialties in law, and so a professional that only focuses on one specific issue is bound to be restricting their clientele. Family lawyers do work outside of divorce proceedings and not just in child custody or annulments but in other, unrelated departments.

27 September 2019

What to Do If Your Emotional Support Animal Is Not Allowed to Go Where You Want to

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Sometimes it can be very difficult to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Unfortunately, many Australians suffer from some form of emotional disability and find it challenging to address situations or circumstances that others may find normal. If you find yourself in this position, you may prefer to turn for support to your four-legged friends instead of another human being and may rely on an emotional support animal just to get by.

23 October 2018

All There Is to Know About Challenging A Will

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Challenging or contesting a will can be a daunting task. First, losing a loved one or a family member is difficult and challenging their will makes it an even more emotional process. Also, courts are often wary when it comes to changing wills and going against the wishes of the deceased and will only do so for legitimate reasons. If you or any interested party feels they have been left out of a will, you may consider contesting it.

22 August 2018

Prenuptial Tips: Practical Guidelines for Preparing a Binding Financial Agreement

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A binding financial agreement is a legal contract which outlines a couple's assets and the potential division of these assets and liabilities in case of separation or divorce. This agreement is commonly known as a prenuptial agreement because it is drafted prior to the wedding. However, the financial agreement can be drafted during and after the marriage. It is more favourable to prepare the document before to avoid unnecessary complications. Here are practical tips to help you navigate the preparation of a binding financial agreement.

30 June 2018

Commercial Law: Understanding Your Options for Getting Out of Contract

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Contracts can be beneficial because they ensure that your agreements with investors, partners and customers are official. If the other party goes against your agreement, you can minimise the financial losses by using the formal contract to proof the existence of the deal. Unfortunately, a contract can also put your business at a disadvantage. Simply speaking, you might sign a disadvantageous document or become trapped in an unfavourable business relationship. If you abandon the deal without a plan, you could expose your business to high losses.

6 April 2018

Why an Unexpected Person May Become an Heir

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Did you know that someone can become an heir to your property when you didn't intend it to happen? Read on and discover some of the situations under which unexpected heirs may arise. Use this information to reexamine your estate plan to ascertain that your property will be distributed in accordance with your wishes in case you pass on. Involvement in Testator Death A probate court may assign some or all of your property to an unexpected heir if the individual that you had named as your heir takes part in causing your death.

26 February 2018

Workers Compensation Lawyers: How They Can Benefit You

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Work related injuries are unfortunate occurrences than can leave you damaged physically, emotionally and even financially. If you have suffered a work-related injury, you should consider looking into getting one of the many workers compensation lawyers available to represent your interests. What sort of help will you get from a workers compensation lawyer? Workers compensation lawyers can be of great advantage in your compensation claim. Some of these advantages include the following.

22 January 2018

Is It Really Necessary to Have a Will?

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Considering the process that is involved in properly writing and constantly updating your will, you may be wondering if it is really necessary to have one in the first place. Many people tend to carefully organize their property and keep their loved ones involved and aware of all their transactions. This may make them skeptical of dealing with the whole process of having a will. However, the importance of a will cannot be overemphasized.

18 December 2017

During a Messy Divorce, How Is Property Settlement Handled?

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It's often difficult to come to an amicable agreement when trying to split various items of property during divorce proceedings. Certainly money and value can affect the mind, and two people who would otherwise consider themselves to be very reasonable may not be able to see eye to eye. When matters get in front of an Australian court, how do the judges determine "who will get what" during property settlement?

8 November 2017